The Being/Brain Problem

Gordon Globus
2007 NeuroQuantology  
The unresolved and seemingly unresolvable consciousness/brain and qualia/brain problems are bracketed in order to focus on the neglected Being/brain problem. How might our experience of Being-the very presencing of world-be explained in terms of brain functioning, without bringing in the miasma of consciousness and qualia? A thermodynamical theory of quantum brain dynamics (QBD) offers an answer. Thermofield QBD as developed here proposes dual quantum modes: 1) the ~mode retains traces of past
more » ... uccessful recognitions, and 2) a non~ mode that expresses the current sensory input The dual quantum modes share the vacuum state, which is their between. Ontological primacy goes not to the dual quantum modes but to their vacuum state between. Being is disclosed in the unique state of this entre-deux, the between-two in which the dual modes of QBD belong-together in a ~conjugate match. Philosophical implications are discussed.
doi:10.14704/nq.2005.3.4.77 fatcat:24hog7fp4bbofnbibgm5ugpgru