Dalitz plot studies ofD0→KS0π+π−decays

L. Leśniak, R. Kamiński, A. Furman, J.-P. Dedonder, B. Loiseau, A. Wrońska, R. Skibiński, C. Guaraldo, St. Kistryn, H. Ströher
2012 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The availaible data on the D0 to K0S pi+ pi- decays are analysed in the framework of the quasi two-body QCD factorization approximation. The annihilation, via W-exchange, amplitudes are added to the weak-decay tree amplitudes. The doubly Cabibbo suppressed parts of the amplitudes are also considered. The strong interactions between the kaon-pion and pion-pion pairs in the S-, P- and D-final states are described in terms of the corresponding form factors. The kaon-pion or pion-pion scalar and
more » ... -pion scalar and vector form factors are constrained by other experimental data. Unitarity, analyticity and chiral symmetry are also used to obtain their functional forms. We go through a minimization procedure to reproduce the K0S pi-, K0S pi+ and pi+ pi- effective mass projections of the Dalitz plot distributions. The large number (27) of non-zero amplitudes leads to a large number of parameters. The resulting model distributions and branching fractions are compared to the accurate Belle Collaboration data.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20123705001 fatcat:jkxe24ewnrauljhgua3ydayen4