Dynamic control for LNG carrier with output constraints

Xiaoling Liang, Yuxiang Zhang, Shuzhi Sam Ge, Bernard Voon Ee How, Dongyu Li
2022 IET Control Theory & Applications  
This paper addresses constrained robust control for dynamic positioning of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Carrier in side-by-side offloading operations subject to input time delay. During the LNG offloading operation, the relative motions of the multibody system are connected by the LNG offloading arm. To ensure the operation safety, robust control with asymmetric Barrier Lyapunov Function is proposed considering predefined output constraints under the unknown dynamics and external
more » ... . In offshore engineering, due to the mechanical effects, the thrusters of the LNG carrier in the presence of time-delay should be investigated to guide the design practice. The predictor-based method is employed to deal with the time delay induced by the control inputs. It is proven that the proposed scheme can guarantee semi-global uniform ultimate boundedness. The performance and feasibility of the proposed control are further verified by simulation studies.
doi:10.1049/cth2.12264 fatcat:32xj6hnaubc55lieyxkceedu6y