Nonstandard Quantum Complex Projective Lin

Nicola Ciccoli, University of Perugia, Italy, Albert Jeu-Liang Sheu, University of Kansas, USA
2020 Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications  
In our attempt to explore how the quantum nonstandard complex projective spaces CP n q,c studied by Korogodsky, Vaksman, Dijkhuizen, and Noumi are related to those arising from the geometrically constructed Bohr-Sommerfeld groupoids by Bonechi, Ciccoli, Qiu, Staffolani, and Tarlini, we were led to establish the known identification of C CP 1 q,c with the pull-back of two copies of the Toeplitz C * -algebra along the symbol map in a more direct way via an operator theoretic analysis, which also
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doi:10.3842/sigma.2020.073 fatcat:tcl2rxt3urepror3qsyf7fmwnq