Aptamer-based optical switch for biosensors
압타머 광학 바이오센서

Joo-Woon Lee, Jeong Hwan Cho, Eun Jeong Cho
2014 Analytical Science and Technology  
In this review, we will discuss aptamer technologies including in vitro selection, signal transduction mechanisms, and designing aptamers and aptazyme for label-free biosensors and catalysts. Dye-displacement, a typical label-less method, is described here which allows avoiding relatively complex labeling steps and extending this application to any aptamers without specific conformational changes, in a more simple, sensitive and cost effective way. We will also describe most recent and advanced
more » ... technologies of signaling aptamer and aptazyme for the various analytical and clinical applications. Quantum dot biosensor (QDB) is explained in detail covering designing and adaptations for multiplexed protein detection. Application to aptamer array utilizing self-assembled signaling aptamer DNA tile and the novel methods that can directly select smart aptamer or aptazyme experimentally and computationally will also be finally discussed, respectively.
doi:10.5806/ast.2014.27.3.121 fatcat:ilcvzqgt75gxvd5qrgn4nzswhe