Surface Modifications for Implants Lifetime Extension: An Overview of Sol-Gel Coatings

Elisabetta Tranquillo, Flavia Bollino
2020 Coatings  
The limited lifetime of implants entails having patients undergo replacement surgeries, several times throughout life in young patients, with significant risks for them and extensive cost for healthcare service. The overcoming of such inconvenience is still today a hard challenge for the scholars of the biomedical and biomaterial fields. The improvement of the currently employed implants through surface modification by coatings application is the main strategy proposed to avoid implants
more » ... id implants failure, and the sol-gel coating is an ideal technology to achieve this goal. Therefore, the present review aims to provide an overview of the most important problems leading to implant failure, the sol-gel coating technology, and its use as a strategy to overcome such issues.
doi:10.3390/coatings10060589 fatcat:mv2yhru32bhpto2pi5dwld2oh4