T. Fokina, D. Safonov, D. Kostylev, V. Mikhaylov
2020 Zemletriaseniia Severnoi Evrazii [Earthquakes in Northern Eurasia]  
A review of the Sakhalin seismicity in 2014 based on the data of regional network is given. The network included four stationary and ten temporary digital seismic stations. This network was supported by ten stations of local network operating in the south of Sakhalin. Parameters of 450 seismic events, including 25 explosions, and focal mechanisms for 4 events are determined. 22 earthquakes had a macroseismic effect. The map of earthquake completeness and the map of epicenters are given. The
more » ... are given. The distribution of crust and deep earthquakes on magnitude and their summarized energy for seven seismoactive areas in comparison with average parameters for 2001–2013 are presented. For each area and the region as a whole, an analysis of the seismic regime parameters in 2014 in comparison with long-term parameters is given, tangible and strong earthquakes are described. The seismicity of the Sakhalin region in 2014 can be characterized as a moderate one. Somewhat increased seismic activity was recorded in the East Sakhalin and Southeastern areas.
doi:10.35540/1818-6254.2020.23.14 fatcat:ah32vdjbzvarnftttahhjxq6uu