Efeito de microondas na estrutura cristalina e na atividade catalítica de argilas

Angelo C. Pinto, Cristiano Honório de Oliveira, Núbia Moura Ribeiro
2008 Química Nova  
Recebido em 14/3/07; aceito em 6/9/07; publicado na web em 26/2/08 THE EFFECT OF MICROWAVE IRRADIATION ON THE CRYSTALLINE STRUCTURE AND CATALYTIC ACTIVITY OF CLAYS. The effect of microwave (MW) irradiation on the crystalline structure of two natural clays and one commercial clay, Montmorillonite K10, was analyzed comparing the X-ray diffraction, N 2 isotherms, NMR-MAS of 27 Al and 29 Si spectra of the clays before and after MW irradiation. The preparation of dioxolane ketals of isatin was used
more » ... of isatin was used to analyze the MW effect on the catalyst activation. The yields achieved using catalysts activated by MW irradiation were lower (2 to 5%) than the yields achieved using catalysts activated by heat in a conventional oven.
doi:10.1590/s0100-40422008000300019 fatcat:jhekjn72tnh4bfxxsb6y5avhhq