First order derivative spectrophotometric and HPLC methods for determination of moexipril hydrochloride in the pure form, pharmeceutical formulations and evaluation of its stability

Beata Stanisz, Katarzyna Regulska, Tomasz Ratajczak
Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica - Drug Research  
A rapid, linear (over a concentration range of 0.00012-0.0012% and with correlation coefficient r = 0.999), accurate (an average recovery of 100%), precise (an average standard deviation < 1.5%) and economical first derivative UV spectrophotometric assay method (lambda(max) = 238 nm) was developed for the determination of moexipril hydrochloride (MOXL) in a pharmaceutical formulation. The method was investigated for its utility for the determination of MOXL in commercially available tablets and
more » ... ailable tablets and as a stability-indicative assay in solid state. The results obtained by means of the investigated method were statistically compared (t-Student test and F-Snedecor test) with the results obtained by means of the reference method--HPLC, which evidenced that both methods are equally precise and accurate. It was finally concluded that first derivative UV spectrophotometry is selective with reference to excipients used for the tablets' formulation, however, it is not selective with reference to MOXL degradation products.
pmid:22594252 fatcat:xjdyl2xkknhmpaskocqea76qly