Interactive comment on "Large-Eddy Simulation Sensitivities to Variations of Configuration and Forcing Parameters in Canonical Boundary-Layer Flows for Wind Energy Applications" by Anonymous Referee #1

Jeffrey Mirocha
Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss   unpublished
General comments: The paper analyses the sensitivity of large-eddy simulations to various model configuration and physical forcing parameters. Simulations results of three different LES models are compared among each other as well as to mast measurements. The objective is to prove that LES are a valid tool to provide flow parameters relevant to wind energy applications. Although LES as a tool for assessing wind energy relevant flow parameters is not novel C1 by itself-at least in the scientific
more » ... community-the intercomparison of several LES models and typical model configurations is a valuable contribution to the community. Even more so as the simulation results are being validated with observations the lack of which is very often the weak point of such studies. The paper is in general well organized and clearly written. I can recommend it for publication after some minor revisions.