A perturbative approach to Dirac observables and their spacetime algebra

Bianca Dittrich, Johannes Tambornino
2007 Classical and quantum gravity  
We introduce a general approximation scheme in order to calculate gauge invariant observables in the canonical formulation of general relativity. Using this scheme we will show how the observables and the dynamics of field theories on a fixed background or equivalently the observables of the linearized theory can be understood as an approximation to the observables in full general relativity. Gauge invariant corrections can be calculated up to an arbitrary high order and we will explicitly
more » ... late the first non--trivial correction. Furthermore we will make a first investigation into the Poisson algebra between observables corresponding to fields at different space--time points and consider the locality properties of the observables.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/24/4/001 fatcat:5q3w4aes35byle3eijm6esnii4