Nanotechnologies: a review of inventions and utility models. Part I
Изобретения, основанные на использовании нанотехнологий, позволяют получить принципиально новые технические результаты. Часть I

L.A. Ivanov, E.S. Bokova, S.R. Muminova, L.F. Katuhin
2020 Nanotehnologii v Stroitelʹstve  
A brief review of patents is given. The research performed by scientists, engineers and specialists in the area of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials resulted in increased efficiency of construction, housing sector and adjacent fields of economy. For example, the invention «А method to produce titanium carbide nanopowder» refers to inorganic chemistry and nanotechnology and can be used to produce wear-resistant abrasive materials, high-temperature ceramic materials and coatings, high-strength
more » ... gs, high-strength composite materials. The technical result is TiC nanopowder in free-filled condition in the form of particles with average size no less than 30 nm, as well as TiC nanopowder with controlled ratio titanium-carbon. All that boosts technical opportunities for its application. The specialists can also be interested in the following inventions in the area of nanotechnologies: a method to obtain a mixture of micro-and nanoparticles of binary alloys, hydrocatalytic processes of recycling heavy oil fractions with the use of perspective nanosize catalysts, a method to produce graphene oxide, a method to decrease electrization of liquid hydrocarbons when applying them, a method to produce composite material boron-carbon, Modeling of static mixer (oil -water) performance for oil desalting and development test, a method of chromatographic separation of single layer carbon nanotubes by chirality and other.
doi:10.15828/2075-8545-2020-12-1-27-33 fatcat:ywqyqgwhdzgalhye2wirfcjste