Growth suppression activity of bradykinin antagonists in glioma cells

S. S. Avdieiev, L. Gera, R. Hodges, Y. S. Vassetzky, V. M. Kavsan
2014 Biopolymers and Cell  
Conventional glioblastoma treatment still gives very modest results, thus development of the new treatment modalities is desperately needed for these disease.The present study was aimed at analyzing the effect of bradykinin (BK) antagonists on proliferation of the human glioblastoma cells U373. Methods. MTT-based cell proliferation assay. Results. BKM-570 revealed a significant antiproliferative activity in the U373 cells with LC 50 3,8 mM. Conclusions. The antiproliferative properties of BK
more » ... properties of BK antagonists were shown in vitro using the glioma cells. Further investigations of the molecular mechanisms of their action and pre-clinical studies on animal models are needed for the evaluation of these compounds as new anti-cancer drugs.
doi:10.7124/bc.000883 fatcat:nleq6eaahraszbccdaj2jqicfm