Reported Mortality

1890 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
the Legislature should be made to have an interest iu this niost noble project. " The undersigned feel fully the necessity for action, and call for the support of all those who agree with them in thinking that these forests should be preserved even for their sanitary importance if for no other. It is urged that they shall call the attention of their representatives in the Legislature to the necessity of at once taking action in regard to these railroads." It is further stated in explanation of
more » ... in explanation of this appeal that the charcoal burners and lumbermen are working so energetically that they are leaving practically nothing. It has been determined to draft a bill and present it to the State Legislature for action. This bill suggests Particularly that a commission be appointed which shall be composed of gentlemen well-known for their practical knowledge of forestry and others who are competent to consider certain districts in the forest 111 preference to others for sanitary purposes, who s'iall serve without salary and shall make a report upon which action shall be begun at once toward the acquirement of the wilderness by the State. One of the signers of the appeal says to the press : " There are but three places iu this country where incipient consumption and phthisis are arrested merely by atmospheric influences and which are known to be effectual by long experiment. The first, and by far the most advantageous of these, is the Adirondack wilderness. The second is Ashevillo, N. O, and the third is among the highlands of Colorado. The last two are possible only to persons who have means and who can afford to take long journeys. The first is right at our doors, and it Beems to me criminal negligence on the part of the public that the Adirondacks should not be preserved. The cost of getting there is trifling and the expense of living when once there is ridiculously small. Of course, it is well-known how much the East needs such a place, and it is particularly needed by New Yorkers because there is such a prevalence in this city of pulmonary complaints."
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