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Their study aims to determine the effect of nursing students' social sensitivity studies on their individual entrepreneurship perceptions. The research was carried out as a pretest-posttest, single group quasi-experimental design. The population of the study consisted of 148 fourth-year students studying in the Nursing Department of a university in the Central Black Sea Region of Turkey in the spring term of 2020-2021. The study was completed with 121 students who agreed to participate in the
more » ... search. Personal Information Form and Individual Entrepreneurship Perception Scale were used to collect the data. Descriptive statistics and correlation analysis were used in analyzing the data. 80.2% of the students participating in the study were women. While 70.2% of the students said that being an entrepreneur is important for social sensitivity work before the training, this rate was 78.5% after the education. Similarly the rate of students who said that being an entrepreneur is important in nursing was 90.9% before education, the rate increased to 93.4% after education. When the sociodemographic characteristics of the students were compared according to the Individual Entrepreneurship Perception Scale total scores averages, it was found that there was statistical significance between both the pre-test and post-test scores. There is a significant relationship between the states of "Thinking that social awareness work is effective", "Thinking that being an entrepreneur is important" and "Thinking that entrepreneurship is important for social awareness work" and the total score average of the scale. In addition, a significant difference was found between the students' "thinking that entrepreneurship is important in nursing" and their post-test scale mean scores. Giving awareness projects that will provide social benefit to nursing students improves students' individual entrepreneurship perceptions. Therefore, it is recommended to include the courses that will support this developmental area in the curriculum and conduct the study in larger groups since the research was carried in one center.
doi:10.53493/avrasyasbd.1029712 fatcat:tlkthsudybedbe3x4f6wk5tp5q