Hacia una optimización de la vivienda crecedera. Lo que podemos aprender de Latinoamérica y Europa

Lucía Martín López
2015 Módulo Arquitectura CUC  
Growing houses are basic spatial units that become very affordable in today's market because of their size. These houses will expand themselves in a flexible way fitting user constraints. It is important to plan the house's growth appropriately according to the variability of some factors that determine the process (family composition, saving, cost of construction, etc.). This article will attempt to set the base to optimize the process of growth in incremental housing. It will identify the
more » ... ll identify the factors and relate them to the selection of a specific extension mechanism. To achieve this, two specific families (a simple and a complex one) will be analyzed based on the principles of flexibility, density and territoriality. Those principles are directly related to functional comfort of home. After that, we will point out which of the mechanisms (joining together, raw structure, adding-in and vertical slack space) is more suitable for each family. After the analysis, we will conclude that it's best to use joining together and vertical slack space mechanisms for the complex family. For the simple family, we will recommend any extension mechanisms analyzed, unless we want to reduce the problems of territoriality, in which case we would opt for the joining together mechanism.
doi:10.17981/moducuc.14.1.2015.2 fatcat:wbvsluafl5f6vnjmdj4ar6eona