Experimental transmission of jaagsiekte (ovine pulmonary adenomatosis) to goats

R C Tustin, A L Williamson, D F York, D W Verwoerd
1988 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research  
Jaagsiekte was successfully transmitted to at least 2 out of 6 goats inoculated intratracheally with partially purified jaagsiekte retrovirus. Multiple, small, well circumscribed nodules found in the lungs consisted of typical papilliform proliferations of neoplastic Type II epithelial cells. Histological evidence of a mild interstitial pneumonia in 4 of the experimental animals can probably be attributed to a contaminating lentivirus in the jaagsiekte retrovirus preparation, as suggested by
more » ... as suggested by the seroconversion of the animals.
pmid:3353097 fatcat:nzh47bdksjgabkapnujcetobfi