Ischemic stroke in general practice – risk factors, prognosis – prospective single center study

Andrzej Molisz, Piotr Gutknecht, Bartosz Gabriel Trzeciak, Tomasz Winiarski, Walenty Nyka, Tomasz Dziubich, Janusz Siebert
2016 Family Medicine & Primary Care Review  
Background. ischemic stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in Poland, in the european union and in the united states. Awareness related to the risk factors, particularly the modifiable ones, is of crucial importance in general practice and may improve early and long-term prognoses. Objectives. the aim of this study was to assess the risk factors and half-year survival rate in patients with ischemic stroke in the period 2011-2015. Material and methods. the study involved 70
more » ... e study involved 70 patients (30 women and 40 men) with ischemic stroke. the mean age of the patients was 71.4 ± 9.6 years (71.7 ± 10.8 years in women and 71.2 ± 8.6 in men). on the basis of an interview, physical examination and additional tests the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases were determined. half-year survival data were obtained based on telephone surveys and the records of the office of the registrar of Vital statistics. Results. it was found that the most common risk factors were arterial hypertension, overweight states and obesity, dyslipidemia, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation and smoking (67.1%; 65.7%; 38.6%; 38.6%; 28.6%; 24.3%, respectively). 39 out of 47 patients with arterial hypertension (83.0%) took hypotensives, and out of 20 patients with atrial fibrillation only 9 patients (45%) took anticoagulants. The half-year survival rate was 84.3% (59 survivors). 3 patients died in hospital (in the first week after stroke) and 8 patients died following hospital discharge, during ambulatory treatment. Conclusions. the risk of death is highest during the first 3 months after an ischemic stroke episode. the general practitioner plays a central role in the prevention of ischemic stroke.
doi:10.5114/fmpcr/63499 fatcat:h4yxywes2zf6zlujumm2lqx43u