Enhancement of the Rooftop Photovoltaic Array Characteristic Interconnected by the Grid under Partial Shading Condition by using Cascaded DC/DC Converter

Ahmed Mohamed
2018 Trends in Renewable Energy  
The photovoltaic (PV) Power generation is the best source of renewable energy due to advantages such as free fuel cost, cleanness, little maintenance, and causing no noise due to absence of moving parts. Egyptian government moves towards encourage consumers to generate electricity from PV array and issues new electricity law that allow consumers to sell the surplus of the generated power of PV to utility. Partial shading is one of the obstacles of the propagation of the electricity generation
more » ... ricity generation by PV array. Partial shading may be occurs due to clouds, trees and neighbor building. This paper propose a new method for optimization of power of a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) array connected to grid under partial shading. This work provides a comparative literature review on methods to mitigate these effects and the drawbacks of this method. This paper represent the components of the interconnection between the rooftop PV array and the grid. The Maximum power point (MPP) achieved by perturb and observe technique which control the duty cycle of the buckboost converter. The proposed technique increased the output power of the PV and output efficiency during the partial shading condition.
doi:10.17737/tre.2018.4.1.0063 fatcat:kks2qdtoavdxtnjqir3bop2uqq