Recent Progress in Otology

1901 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
period warranting any definite conclusions ; but they are offered because here in every case is a definite pathological condition found in the respiratory tract, where we would logically expect it as a sequel to the nasopharyngitis, a clear history of which was obtained either as an acute or subacute inflammation in every case. While the gross abnormalities of the nose were corrected, and the general condition improved as far as possible, this had no apparent effect on the asthmatic attacks,
more » ... thmatic attacks, which, however, yielded readily to local treatment, with freedom from recurrence in proportion as we were able to control or cure the ethmoiditis. an Italian laborer about twenty-four years old, was admitted to my wards in the City Hospital, December 6, 1900. Six days before entrance he was attacked with pains in the legs and arms and a slight diarrhea, which was soon followed by constipation. He felt feverish and chilly. Soon after the appearance of the first symptoms he noticed considerable swelling of his face. He was a well-developed and nour-
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