What is Experimental Philosophy of Mathematics?(External Critiques of Experimental Philosophy)

2015 Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science  
If we take "experimental philosophy" in a wider sense, it is almost t・he same as methodological naturalism in philosophy, Experiments of this kind would be available and also fruitfu1 in the philosophy of mathematics. They surely will have a substantial contribution to epistemology of mathematics. At present, however, the phrase "experimental philosophy" is used in a much narrower sense. It refers exclusively to a branch of naturalized philosophy t・hat uses the data gathered through
more » ... through questionnaire surveys to investigate the intuitions of ordinary people, We claim that experimental philosophy in this narrower sense will have little relevance to the philosophy of mathematics, since thc philosophy of mathematics is not engaged in conceptual analysis despite of its appearance.
doi:10.4288/jafpos.23.0_53 fatcat:pzl5b6cshzh3nmvcjphpaee77m