An Intelligent Guiding System for Trekkers using WUSN

To design and develop an automated surveillance system to detect and intimate the presence of animals, monitoring the health parameters of the trekkers and to detect fire in the dense forest. Using sensors and wireless technology that communicate to the base station using wireless communication. In this project the image processing technique is explored for the detection of animals so that any change in pattern then the trekkers and base station are alerted. For the communication process, a
more » ... less underground sensor network is employed which has a lot of interlinked nodes. This is because internet usage is not effective in the dense and reserved forest area. Node to node communication is performed for efficient information sharing with the base station and the communication process for trekkers is carried on with wireless sensor networks thus provides warning information to the trekkers. Animal detection based applications have a very important role in many real-life situations and also detection of forest fire in dense forest is hard and fast-spreading. Therefore there must be automation and faster means of communication
doi:10.35940/ijitee.h6427.069820 fatcat:mjnmr6o3bbbzrgfkmpbe43ems4