Michael Kimmel's "The Gendered Society" - challenges and solutions for the degendering process : [recenzja książki]: Michael Kimmel. 2015. Społeczeństwo genderowe, Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

Edyta Tobiasiewicz
2017 Studia Humanistyczne (Kraków. 2003)  
A lack of unanimity appears to be a constant element of today's scientific reality among the theorists of sociological concepts. Therefore, the polyphony of scientific positions in the discourse of gender sociology should not be surprising. The concept of socio-cultural gender is ambiguous and unclear. In newer elaborations it gains other meanings, and consequently, its consistent codification and definition is no longer possible. Today's reflections on sociological theorists, focusing their
more » ... lyses on the socio-cultural gender issue, have also been the subject of numerous disputes and controversies. Like many scientific concepts, the term "socio-cultural gender" has also undergone colloquialisation; as a result, it has become distorted semantically and used incorrectly. This concept has also gained a political dimension and has been decontextualized for ideological reasons, appearing as an argument or counterargument in attempts to legitimize certain views. Michael Kimmel represents a key position occupied by researchers in the eternal conflict of "nature versus nurture", focusing on questions about the sources and condition of human sexuality. Proponents of the "nature" theory, like Charles Darwin and Edward Wilson, claim that biology is the main shaping factor in determining the prevalent social order, as well
doi:10.7494/human.2017.16.4.81 fatcat:nd7xeh4gknh45ov2ljq6kkctiy