Science program of the AMBER consortium

Fabien Malbet, Thomas M. Driebe, Renaud Foy, Didier Fraix-Burnet, Philippe Mathias, Alessandro Marconi, Jean-Louis Monin, Romain G. Petrov, Philippe Stee, Leonardo Testi, Gerd P. Weigelt, Wesley A. Traub
2004 New Frontiers in Stellar Interferometry  
AMBER is in the final stage of installation and have already seen first light. To prepare the guaranteed time observations that have been obtained by the AMBER consortium (LAOG, MPIfR, OAA, OCA, UNSA), the science group of AMBER has issued a call for proposals opened to all scientists from the institutes. 87 proposals have been reviewed by the science group, ranging from cosmology, extragalactic studies, star formation, planetary system, late stages of stellar evolution and physical properties
more » ... f stars. Some examples of the science that has been defined in this exercize is reported in this paper on AGN, evolved stars and hot stars.
doi:10.1117/12.550667 fatcat:ryzocge6infdhj4bps7xdag43i