The relevance of mapping non-anticlinal traps and features of their classifications
Актуальность картирования неантиклинальных ловушек и особенности их классификаций

S.A. Punanova
2020 Actual Problems of Oil and Gas  
The study of hydrocarbon reservoirs in the sediments of sedimentary basins indicates a significant increase in the number of non-anticlinal, complex, unconventional, combined traps, which is currently noted during the discovery of large oil and gas fields with high resources. Based on the analysis of literature sources, the article provides a brief overview of the classifications of traps developed both for regional levels and for local operations in specific oil and gas regions. Examples of
more » ... development of subtle extended traps in shale carbonaceous formations are considered.
doi:10.29222/ipng.2078-5712.2020-30.art2 fatcat:ygb2bfq3u5b2rjqxgavzgeqsvq