A survey on algorithmic approaches for solving tourist trip design problems

Damianos Gavalas, Charalampos Konstantopoulos, Konstantinos Mastakas, Grammati Pantziou
2014 Journal of Heuristics  
The tourist trip design problem (TTDP) refers to a route-planning problem for tourists interested in visiting multiple points of interest (POIs). TTDP solvers derive daily tourist tours, i.e., ordered visits to POIs, which respect tourist constraints and POIs attributes. The main objective of the problem discussed is to select POIs that match tourist preferences, thereby maximizing tourist satisfaction, while taking into account a multitude of parameters and constraints (e.g., distances among
more » ... Is, visiting time required for each POI, POIs visiting days/hours, entrance fees, weather conditions) and respecting the time available for sightseeing on a daily basis. The aim of this work is to survey models, algorithmic approaches and methodologies concerning tourist trip design problems. Recent approaches are examined, focusing on problem models that best capture a multitude of realistic POIs attributes and user constraints; further, several interesting TTDP variants are investigated. Open issues and promising prospects in tourist trip planning research are also discussed.
doi:10.1007/s10732-014-9242-5 fatcat:4ibq2qusfnfmxaqz6imoiiwnk4