Poultry Science Journal Candidate Gene Polymorphism for IL-Rγ and ChB6 Genes in the Indigenous Chicken of North Western Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh, India

Varun Sankhyan
2013 Poultry Science Journal   unpublished
Article history: Present investigation was carried out to identify DNA polymorphism of IL-2Rγ and ChB6 genes. Sixty five birds belonging to the indigenous chicken of Himachal Pradesh were utilized. Good quality DNA samples were subjected to PCR-RFLP analysis using chicken specific primers. Overnight restriction enzyme digestion was carried out at 37°C with IU Hph I and Pvu II for IL-2Rγ and ChB6 genes, respectively. Amplification of IL-2Rγ gene resolved a 600 bp amplicon in all samples, which
more » ... ll samples, which upon digestion with Hph I RE yielded three patterns i.e. Hph I aa , Hph I a/b and Hph I bb. Hph I aa genotype revealed 465 and 42 bp fragments while Hph I bb genotypes revealed 454, 134, 104 and 42 bp fragments. Hph I a/b genotype resolved 465, 454, 134, 104 and 42 bp fragments. The frequencies of these patterns were 0.47, 0.23 and 0.30 for Hph I aa, Hph I a/b and Hph I bb, respectively. The amplification of Chicken B cell marker (ChB6) generated 215 bp amplicon in all the samples, which upon digestion with Pvu II generated two pattern i.e. Pvu II aa and Pvu II bb respectively. Pvu II aa generated 215 bp fragments while Pvu II bb generated 215, 147 and 68 bp, respectively. The frequencies of the PCR-RFLP pattern of ChB6 gene were 0.57 and 0.43, respectively.