Low-Cost Piezoelectric Sensors for Time Domain Load Monitoring of Metallic Structures During Operational and Maintenance Processes

Irene Perez-Alfaro, Daniel Gil-Hernandez, Oscar Muñoz-Navascues, Jesus Casbas-Gimenez, Juan Carlos Sanchez-Catalan, Nieves Murillo
2020 Sensors  
The versatility of piezoelectric sensors in measurement techniques and their performance in applications has given rise to an increased interest in their use for structural and manufacturing component monitoring. They enable wireless and sensor network solutions to be developed in order to directly integrate the sensors into machines, fixtures and tools. Piezoelectric sensors increasingly compete with strain-gauges due to their wide operational temperature range, load and strain sensing
more » ... ain sensing accuracy, low power consumption and low cost. This research sets out the use of piezoelectric sensors for real-time monitoring of mechanical strength in metallic structures in the ongoing operational control of machinery components. The behaviour of aluminium and steel structures under flexural strength was studied using piezoelectric sensors. Variations in structural behaviour and geometry were measured, and the load and μstrains during operational conditions were quantified in the time domain at a specific frequency. The lead zirconium titanate (PZT) sensors were able to distinguish between material types and thicknesses. Moreover, this work covers frequency selection and optimisation from 20 Hz to 300 kHz. Significant differences in terms of optimal operating frequencies and sensitivity were found in both structures. The influence of the PZT voltage applied was assessed to reduce power consumption without signal loss, and calibration to μstrains and loads was performed.
doi:10.3390/s20051471 pmid:32156027 fatcat:xqum7hhtozb6bejdb3jwwpog3i