On the Biology of Pediobius imbreus (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), A Hyperparasite of Opisina arenosella. the Black-Headed Caterpillar of Coconut

2010 COCOS  
Pediobius imbreus (Walker), a hyperparasite of Opisina arenosella, is distributed throughout Kerala. The biology of this hyperparasite was studied in the laboratory. The mating process took, on an average, 43 sec. The female started to lay eggs on the same day of emergence and laid upto 30 eggs in her life time. The eggs hatch after 36 to 40 h. of incubation. There were three larval stages. The duration of the immature stages from egg to adult emergence was completed in 412 to 420 h, and was
more » ... o 420 h, and was dependent on temperature.
doi:10.4038/cocos.v6i0.2052 fatcat:enruryl6t5ccpn7ig6pargtaze