Interaction of carrier envelope phase-stable laser pulses with graphene: the transition from the weak-field to the strong-field regime

Christian Heide, Tobias Boolakee, Takuya Higuchi, Heiko B Weber, Peter Hommelhoff
2019 New Journal of Physics  
Ultrafast control of electron dynamics in solid state systems has recently found particular attention. By increasing the electric field strength of laser pulses, the light-matter interaction in solids might turn from a perturbative into a novel non-perturbative regime, where interband transitions from the valence to the conduction band become strongly affected by intraband motion. We have demonstrated experimentally and numerically that this combined dynamics can be controlled in graphene with
more » ... d in graphene with the electric field waveform of phase-stabilized few-cycle laser pulses. Here we show new experimental data and matching simulation results at comparably low optical fields, which allows us to focus on the highly interesting transition regime where the light-matter interaction turns from perturbative to non-perturbative. We find a 5th order power-law scaling of the laser induced waveform-dependent current at low optical fields, which breaks down for higher optical fields, indicating the transition.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/ab13ce fatcat:byacbybt6naojny3hlep77ddsu