The Immune Correlates of Orthohantavirus Vaccine

Joon-Yong Bae, Jin Il Kim, Mee Sook Park, Gee Eun Lee, Heedo Park, Ki-Joon Song, Man-Seong Park
2021 Vaccines  
Zoonotic transmission of orthohantaviruses from rodent reservoirs to humans has been the cause of severe fatalities. Human infections are reported worldwide, but vaccines have been approved only in China and Korea. Orthohantavirus vaccine development has been pursued with no sense of urgency due to the relative paucity of cases in countries outside China and Korea. However, the orthohantaviruses continuously evolve in hosts and thus the current vaccine may not work as well against some
more » ... Therefore, a more effective vaccine should be prepared against the orthohantaviruses. In this review, we discuss the issues caused by the orthohantavirus vaccine. Given the pros and cons of the orthohantavirus vaccine, we suggest strategies for the development of better vaccines in terms of pandemic preparedness.
doi:10.3390/vaccines9050518 pmid:34069997 fatcat:4zc65cta5vb5xmibl2nfacqv4y