Image Denoising via Improved Dictionary Learning with Global Structure and Local Similarity Preservations

Shuting Cai, Zhao Kang, Ming Yang, Xiaoming Xiong, Chong Peng, Mingqing Xiao
2018 Symmetry  
We proposed a new efficient image denoising scheme, which leads to four important contributions. The first is to integrate both reconstruction and learning based approaches into a single model so that we are able to benefit advantages from both approaches simultaneously. The second is to handle both multiplicative and additive noise removal problems. The third is that the proposed approach introduces a sparse term to reduce non-Gaussian outliers from multiplicative noise and uses a Laplacian
more » ... uses a Laplacian Schatten norm to capture the global structure information. In addition, the image is represented by preserving the intrinsic local similarity via a sparse coding method, which allows our model to incorporate both global and local information from the image. Finally, we propose a new method that combines Method of Optimal Directions (MOD) with Approximate K-SVD (AK-SVD) for dictionary learning. Extensive experimental results show that the proposed scheme is competitive against some of the state-of-the-art denoising algorithms.
doi:10.3390/sym10050167 fatcat:6qt664sdkvcabeatrnm4c2mnae