Winter cover crops affecting physical and chemical soil attributes in a commercial vineyard

Milton da Veiga, Nelson Pires Feldberg, Gilberto Nava, Jean Carlos Bettoni
2017 Ciência Rural  
ABSTRACT: Cover crops may have direct or indirect effects on the physical and chemicalsoil attributes; these cropsplay a key role in the cycling of nutrients in the soil and add labile organic carbon, bringing economic and environmental benefits to the system. To study the effect of cover crops on the physical and chemical properties of an Oxisol, a three-year experiment was conducted in a commercial vineyard located at Epagri's Experimental Station in Videira, SC, Brazil. Different winter
more » ... es (white clover, red clover, common vetch, turnip, corn spurrey, black oat, rye, and ryegrass) were sown in addition to treatments with manual weeding or mechanical mowing. Certain chemical and physical attributes of soil were determined in samples collected fromlayers 0-0.1 and 0.1-0.2m deep on the vinerows and between rows, as well as the dry mass of winter cover crops. Few chemical and physical attributes of the soil changed among winter cover crops and did not differ from the crops managed with mechanical mowing or hand weeding of spontaneous vegetation. Vine rows provided more adequate values of most physical and chemical soil attributes.
doi:10.1590/0103-8478cr20160827 fatcat:qgcziz7tsfhl3h453dzrhstchq