Partial Oxidation of Ethane to Acetic Acid Catalyzed by MoVNbPd Catalyst Supported on Titania

Yousef S. Al-Zeghayer
2014 International journal of chemical Engineering and Applications  
The partial oxidation of ethane to ethylene and acetic acid was examined over catalyst based on unsupported and supported Mo-V-Nb oxides with and without Pd. The supports are different types of titania. Catalyst characterization was carried out uxing XRD, SEM, and BET surface area. The reaction was carried out in differential reactor at temperature range 200-275 0 C and total pressure 200 psi. Unsupported Mo 16 V 6.37 Nb 2.05 O x showed activity and selectivities resemble those reported
more » ... ly. Titania with different grades was examined as a support for Mo 16 V 6.37 Nb 2.05 O x .The selectivities of products kept without significant change when titania P25 was used as a support for Mo 16 V 6.37 Nb 2.05 O x whereas the other grades cristal AF4.60, AF7.70, and AF12.5 showed either low catalytic activities and/or combustion reactions. Supported Mo 16 V 6.37 Nb 2.05 O x over TiO 2 (P25) led to increase the catalyst surface area from 30 to 38.58 m 2 g -1 . The introduction of trace amounts of Pd led to the depletion of ethylene and to a significant increase in acetic acid synthesis rate.
doi:10.7763/ijcea.2014.v5.350 fatcat:gfrynbn53nb6rnyclmbyhl3gly