A Novel QoS-Aware A-MPDU Aggregation Scheduler for Unsaturated IEEE802.11n/ac WLANs

Cong Lu, Bin Wu, Tianchun Ye
2020 Electronics  
Improving the quality of service (QoS) performance to support existing and upcoming real-time applications is critical for IEEE 802.11n/ac devices. The mechanisms of the media access control (MAC) layer, including the aggregate MAC protocol data unit (A-MPDU) aggregation, greatly affect the QoS performance in wireless local area networks (WLANs). To investigate the impact of the aggregation level on the QoS performance for real-time multimedia applications, a novel end-to-end delay model for
more » ... delay model for the unsaturated settings is proposed in this paper. The presented model considers the gathering procedure of packets, queuing behaviors, and transmissions using the RTS/CTS (request to send/clear to send) mechanism on error-prone channels. Based on the model, a novel QoS-aware A-MPDU aggregation scheduler for IEEE802.11n/ac WLANs was shown to obtain better QoS performance with lower latency and less packet loss, a larger capacity to hold higher data rates, and more working nodes. The validation of the proposed model and the promotion of the proposed scheduler are well benchmarked by ns-3.
doi:10.3390/electronics9081203 fatcat:6mwhn5tan5axpketrcwsmskj7e