Radiation Oncology Treatment Using Optimization Techniques

Hosein Marzi
2017 unpublished
tereotactic radiosurgery is a three dimensional coordination that locates a target tumor detected in a diagnostic images with its actual location in the body and targeting the tumor for precise radiation surgery rather than excision with a blade. The research result presented here describes development of an optimization technique to replace conventional approach in radiation treatment. Precise radiation treatment is gaining popularity as an alternative to surgery in targeting tumors. The
more » ... que may apply to brain tumors following 3-D imaging and defining fixed reference points on the body multi-objective optimization problem to decide on the shot sizes, length, location, and the number of radiation shots. Beside the precision and accuracy of the technique speed of treatment in comparison w i t h t h e c o n v e n t i o n a l method i s d i s p l a y e d. In conventional method this is achieved through an iterative approach.