Design and FEA of an Innovative Rotating Sic Filter for High-Energy X-Ray Beam

Walter Tizzano, Thomas Connolley, Steve Davies, Michael Drakopoulos, George Howell, Tilmont, Manuel (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Tavakoli, Keihan (Ed.)
I12 is a high-energy imaging, diffraction and scattering beamline at Diamond. Its source is a superconducting wiggler with a power of approximately 9kW at 500 mA after the fixed front-end aperture; two permanent filters aim at reducing the power in photons below the operating range of the beamline of 50-150 keV, which accounts for about two-thirds of the total*. This paper focuses on the design and simulation process of the secondary permanent filter, a 4mm thick SiC disk. The first version of
more » ... e first version of the filter was vulnerable to cracking due to thermally induced stress, so a new filter based on an innovative concept was proposed: a water-cooled shaft rotates, via a ceramic interface, the SiC disk; the disk operates up to 900 degrees C, and a copper absorber surrounding the filter dissipates the heat through radiation. We utilised analysis data following failure of an initial prototype to successfully model the heat flow using FEA. This model informed different iterations of the re-design of the assembly, addressing the issues identified. The operational temperature of the final product matches within a few degrees C the one predicted by the simulation.
doi:10.18429/jacow-medsi2018-thoama04 fatcat:bxfskx2jq5fhpjy7wbaaymr26y