Dynamic Robust Reconfiguration of Distribution Network with Low-wind-speed Wind Turbine Integrated

Dongqing Xie, Bing Li, Yang Ding, Daopeng Li, Guomin Fang, Yan Yang, P. Zhou, Y. He, R. Weerasinghe
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
For distribution systems where wind sources are poor, low-wind-speed wind turbines (LWTG) plays an important role in improving the security, economy and reliability of the system. However, the stochastic volatility of LWTG output and loads poses a challenge to the technology of distribution network reconfiguration. Considering the uncertainty of LWTG output, photovoltaic output and changes of load in multiple continuous periods, a dynamic robust reconfiguration model is established. The
more » ... tion target is to minimize the three-phase current unbalance and network loss. The model solving process combines the Latin hypercube sampling-based Monte Carlo method, the Semi-invariant method and the compound differential evolution algorithm. The influence of LWTG on the reconfiguration results is explored based on the modified IEEE34-node simulation system, and the performance of the proposed dynamic robust reconfiguration method is then verified.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202014302039 fatcat:fxc3ul45zbcb5mf57pjwffqvem