Ice flow around large obstacles as indicated by basal ice exposed at the margin of the Greenland ice sheet

Peter G. Knight, David E. Sugden, Christopher D. Minty
1994 Journal of Glaciology  
Spatial variations in the debris-bearing basal ice layer exposed at the ice-sheet margin in West Greenland reflect the geography of basal melting and ice flow around large obstacles close to the margin. This paper demonstrates the character of the basal ice layer, which comprises fine material incorporated in an interior, subglacial environment and coarser material entrained in an ice-marginal environment. We develop an empirical model of ice flow close to a lobate margin of the ice sheet in
more » ... ch ice convergence and divergence, and limited subglacial melting affect the character and distribution of the basal ice at the margin. There is a tendency for the convergence and divergence to thicken the basal layer in lobate areas and to thin it in inter-lobate areas. Under certain circumstances, basal melting may remove much of the layer from beneath the snouts of larger lobes, thus causing the basal layer to be thickest in an intermediate location.
doi:10.1017/s0022143000007449 fatcat:icwq2cfsxve3rpxtnmg4qqyc2i