Artificial flat band systems: from lattice models to experiments

Daniel Leykam, Alexei Andreanov, Sergej Flach
2018 Advances in Physics: X  
Certain lattice wave systems in translationally invariant settings have one or more spectral bands that are strictly flat or independent of momentum in the tight binding approximation, arising from either internal symmetries or fine-tuned coupling. These flat bands display remarkable strongly-interacting phases of matter. Originally considered as a theoretical convenience useful for obtaining exact analytical solutions of ferromagnetism, flat bands have now been observed in a variety of
more » ... variety of settings, ranging from electronic systems to ultracold atomic gases and photonic devices. Here we review the design and implementation of flat bands and chart future directions of this exciting field.
doi:10.1080/23746149.2018.1473052 fatcat:cywlvnwfnbf4vjdv6l2uak67y4