International Journal of Molecular and Clinical Microbiology Isolation of L-Glutaminase Producing Marine Actinomycetes

Periasamy Dhevagi
2016 International Journal of Molecular and Clinical Microbiology   unpublished
L Glutaminase, a therapeutic enzyme obtained from marine Actinomycetes gains importance because of their adaptability to varied environmental factors. An experimental study was carried out to isolate the L glutaminase producing actinomycetes from the marine sediment of Thoothukudi. Marine sediment samples were collected from six different locations of the Thoothukudi coastal ecosystem, enriched with glutamine broth to enhance the population of Actinomycetes. After enrichment, selective media
more » ... e used for isolating the Actinomycetes. Ninety four isolate was obtained and all the isolates were screened for L Glutaminase activity in a rapid plate assay method. Three isolates showed strong activity with enzyme production to the level of 9.42 IU to 16.94 IU /ml. The isolate DSG 18 had produced 16.94± 0.62 IU and it could be used a good source of glutaminase.