Investigation of thermal oxidative degradation of carbon fiber-based material
Исследование термоокислительной деструкции материала на основе углеродных волокон

P.V. Prosuntsov, D.Ya. Barinov, E.A. Bogachev
2019 Engineering Journal Science and Innovation  
To develop and carry out calculations of heat transfer in heat-shielding materials, it is necessary to study the mechanisms of material destruction. For a composite material, it is important to study the behavior of both the material as a whole and each of its components. The work is devoted to the study of thermal oxidative degradation of highly porous material based on chopped carbon fibers, which is the preform for making advanced carbon-ceramic composite materials. The study was conducted
more » ... udy was conducted in an oxidizing air environment using simultaneous thermal analysis with varying the initial mass of the samples and at different heating rates (5, 10, 20 K/min). The dependences of thermal effects in the material and mass loss during destruction for each sample were obtained. The influence of variable parameters on the temperature of the beginning of material destruction and the steady removal speed was established. It is shown that the destruction of the material occurs in the surface layer of a certain thickness. According to the results of thermogravimetric studies with different heating rates, a generalized kinetic model of destruction was developed and the kinetic characteristics of destruction were determined.
doi:10.18698/2308-6033-2019-7-1899 fatcat:ip2p5n3axjaj7plzbri67qugkq