Parallel Machine Scheduling with Uncertain Communication Delays

Aziz Moukrim, Eric Sanlaville, Frédéric Guinand
2003 Reserche operationelle  
This paper is concerned with scheduling when the data are not fully known before the execution. In that case computing a complete schedule off-line with estimated data may lead to poor performances. Some flexibility must be added to the scheduling process. We propose to start from a partial schedule and to postpone the complete scheduling until execution, thus introducing what we call a stabilization scheme. This is applied to the m machine problem with communication delays: in our model an
more » ... in our model an estimation of the delay is known at compile time; but disturbances due to network contention, link failures, ... may occur at execution time. Hence the processor assignment and a partial sequencing on each processor are determined off-line. Some theoretical results for tree-like precedence constraints and an experimental study show the interest of this approach compared with fully on-line scheduling.
doi:10.1051/ro:2003011 fatcat:yrjbggqiy5hcnkhtqjbfoax2mq