International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach and Studies Green Work-Life Balance: A New Concept in Green HRM

Miss Datta
This paper focuses on the concept of Green Human Resource Management with emphasis on Green-Work-Life Balance. This paper adopts a theoretical approach and presents a review based on the data gathered from sources like books, journals, internet, and work of previous researchers. Green Human Resource Management is concerned with those Human Resource Management procedures and practices which ensure protection and preservation of the environment and sustainable utilization of the resources.
more » ... concern for environment protection has led to development and adoption of measures to preserve and maintain the environment and its valuable resources. The Corporate sector (Business sector) has also initiated environment protection and preservation and is making tremendous efforts to achieve the green goals. Green Work-Life-Balance emphasizes on the integration of private life and work life of the employee with reference to environmental attitudes, practices and behaviour. Green Work Life Balance has emerged as a key component of Green Human Resource Management. According to this concept, green practices and green attitudes must be enforced in both the private life and the work life domain of the employees in order to ensure that the green goals of the organization are achieved completely.