Impact of Behavioral Safety (Behavioural-Based Safety – BBS) on the Modification of Dangerous Behaviors in Enterprises

Marta Niciejewska, Matevž Obrecht
2020 System Safety: Human - Technical Facility - Environment  
AbstractIn enterprises, accidents happen mainly due to improper and dangerous behavior of employees. The approach called Behavioral Safety (BBS) assumes that the most effective attempts to modify dangerous employee behavior are based on influencing people abuse. As a consequence, change in behavior leads to a change in the way of thinking and attitude. In the other words, as a result of using behavioral methods for a long time, employees create a safe attitude that in the future translates into
more » ... ure translates into further safe behavior. Mutual control of employees during work is not accepted in Poland and positively perceived by participants of the work process. It is difficult to change the mentality and habits of people. Increasingly, employee behavior control systems are implemented in medium and large enterprises. Shaping a positive attitude of the employee to such systems and methods is a long and time-consuming work that lies with the employer and OSH supervisor. Presented studies have shown that a fairly large proportion of employees do not understand the positive effects of using behavioral safety methods. There is a great need to shape awareness of safe behaviors among Polish employees using behavioral safety, i.e. safety based on mutual observation of behaviors. This paper contains the results of the first stage of the study aimed at modifying undesirable behavior among employees using the implemented BBS system.
doi:10.2478/czoto-2020-0040 fatcat:7ifjba3yvzegfnlmilywacg2ka