Development of Hydrogen Recycling Systems for Petroleum Refineries: Hydrogen Sulfide Decomposition Using Titania Photocatalyst

Mai Takase, Shingo Furukawa, Shun Matsuda, Kei-ichi Nishimori, Yasuharu Kanda
2018 Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute  
13 14 H 2 S decomposition was examined in the gas and liquid phases over TiO 2 photocatalyst. In the gas phase reaction, H 2 was obtained 15 using TiO 2 as a photocatalyst. After the photocatalytic reaction, the color of TiO 2 changed from white to yellow. SEM-EDS results 16 revealed that sulfur was present on the TiO 2 surface. H 2 evolution rate was remarkably higher in the liquid phase reaction than in 17 the gas phase reaction. Thus, liquid phase reaction is optimal to obtain H 2 from the
more » ... tain H 2 from the decomposition of H 2 S. Ethanolamine as a solvent 18 of H 2 S underwent little photocatalytic decomposition. TiO 2 photocatalyst has high potential for use in a new H 2 recycling process 19 in the petroleum industry. 20
doi:10.1627/jpi.61.361 fatcat:zvztpqprnvhxdm26bxyqqg5wje