Kähler potential of moduli space of Calabi–Yaud-fold embedded in CPd+1

Katsuyuki Sugiyama
2000 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
We study a kaehler potential K of a one parameter family of Calabi-Yau d-fold embedded in CP^d+1. By comparing results of the topological B-model and the data of the CFT calculation at Gepner point, the K is determined unambiguously. It has a moduli parameter psi that describes a deformation of the CFT by a marginal operator. Also the metric, curvature and hermitian two-point functions in the neighborhood of the Gepner point are analyzed. We use a recipe of tt^* fusion and develop a method to
more » ... termine the K from the point of view of topological sigma model. It is not restricted to this specific model and can be applied to other Calabi-Yau cases.
doi:10.1063/1.1319848 fatcat:wbhpm2ffpjfbjav7izjxb4ywna