Hysteresis of Ceramic-Matrix Composites [chapter]

Li Longbiao
2019 Hysteresis of Composites  
In this chapter, the hysteresis behavior of fiber-reinforced ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs) is investigated. Based on the interface slip state inside of CMCs, the hysteresis loops can be divided into four different cases. The relationship between the internal damage and the hysteresis loops of CMCs is established. Using the experimental hysteresis loops, the fiber/matrix interface frictional coefficient can be obtained. The mechanical hysteresis loops and the fiber/matrix interface frictional
more » ... nterface frictional coefficient of SiC/CAS and C/SiC composites are predicted using the present models. When the fiber/matrix interface frictional coefficient decreases under cyclic fatigue loading, the fatigue hysteresis loops, fatigue hysteresis dissipated energy, fiber/matrix interface debonding, and slip all change. The fatigue hysteresis dissipated energy first increases and then decreases with decreasing interface frictional coefficient.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.90046 fatcat:l2jbvxr5krftnhxxaamu5uc2qy