Correlation and path coefficient analysis in advanced wheat genotypes

DK Ayer, A Sharma, BR Ojha, A Paudel, K Dhakal
2017 SAARC Journal of Agriculture  
<p>A field experiment was conducted in alpha lattice design in subtropical region of Nepal in the wheat crop to determine the association between yield and yield attributing traits through correlation and path analysis. The result showed highly significant variations among the genotypes for all the traits under study. Simple correlation coefficients revealed that the association of grain yield with biological yield followed by harvest index, plant height, thousand grain weight and Area Under
more » ... t and Area Under SPAD Retread Curve (AUSRC) at anthesis were positive and highly significant (at 1% level of significance). The positive and significant (at 5% level of significance) association of grains per spike followed by flag leaf area with grain yield was also found. Path analysis showed that biological yield and harvest index had the highest positive direct effect on grain yield. While other traits contribute to the grain yield significantly indirectly via biological yield and harvest index. This suggests that biological yield and harvest index having significant positive correlation and high direct effect on grain yield explained the true relationship and the direct selection of the genotypes through these traits is effective for improving yield potentiality.</p><p>SAARC J. Agri., 15(1): 1-12 (2017)</p>
doi:10.3329/sja.v15i1.33155 fatcat:qhvuu6aitvd5vhtjxaqiig7xzu