Screening for the Known and #913;lpha Thalassemia Deletions by Polymerase Chain Reaction

Kiran Bukhari, Nouman Noor, Sadaf Humayoun, Humaira Zafar, Noor Lakhnana
Thalassemia is the quantitative inherited disorder of haemoglobin polypeptide chain synthesis. Awareness about the exact frequency of disease in our country, Pakistan, along with the appropriate knowledge of diagnostic and prevention approach will be a step forward to combat thalassemia in Pakistan. The proposed review article will provide update information regarding the exact frequency and distribution of thalassemia in neonates in Pakistan and Internationally. All this ultimately provide a
more » ... imately provide a great help in establishing the policies for thalassemia prevention and control programs in Pakistan. The knowledge regarding the abnormality in genetic variant is essential for the molecular diagnosis and hence prevention of hemoglobinopathies.
doi:10.5455/umj.20170608074047 fatcat:haj6z7i5drhkfc4mg24pvyjqqu